Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Quest

About a year ago I had the realisation of what my true passions were - knowledge, connection, enlightenment, awakening and inspiring others.

By knowledge I mean learning as much as I can about healing, metaphysics and different philosophical schools of thought.

By connection I mean my relationship with others, myself and the Source of all creation.

By enlightenment I mean discerning the knowledge that resonates with me the most and living a life in alignment with that knowledge.

By awakening I mean growing, opening, and allowing myself to be guided to a state of KNOWING - I am both the creator and the created.

Inspiring others has actually always been something that gave meaning to my life, but it seemed like such a rarity until recently.

Once this realisation occurred, I felt a strong calling to embark upon a pilgrimage to the ancient heartlands of the Mayans - Mexico and Guatemala. Where the elements of nature are worshiped as gods, plants are used as powerful medicine and everyday has a special significance.
Mayan Temple in Tulum
I called this a pilgrimage because of the opportunity to get closer to the sacred and Divine. This was (and still is) an independent, creative and personal journey - a QUEST in search of a higher purpose. Choosing the right destination is important, but much like life the greatest fulfillment comes from the journey itself.

What started as a 3 month pilgrimage has evolved and become more of a Hero's Journey - not that I think of myself as a hero in anyway, but you'll see what I mean...
For those unfamiliar with the Hero's Journey, it has 3 phases:
  1. The hero leaves ordinary life in society
  2. The hero goes on a journey where they encounter extraordinary situations that demand extraordinary responses
  3. The hero takes possession of something of great value, initiated into a higher mode of being and returns to share it for the benefit of others.
Think Star Wars :)

Looking at the Trinity in Hinduism I can see a connection to the Hero's Journey:
Brahma = Creation
Vishnu = Preservation
Shiva = Destruction
Sometimes things need to be destroyed and broken down for something new to be born. In order to attain new perspectives, old thinking must die. Like the Death card in Tarot, this ultimately means transformation. The only thing stopping us is fear of the unknown.

So I left my job working for Government (that incidentally was contributing to anxiety attacks, but that's another story), left my awesome house in Wellington, NZ, boxed up all my things (thanks Emma, Leon, and Niloy!), packed a backpack and flew by the light of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on 29 September 2015 and landed in the Yucatan, Mexico. I had neither much Spanish in my vocabulary, nor money in the bank. I didn't have much at all except for a strong inner knowing that this was exactly where I was meant to be.

Since the first day of my journey I have received insight after insight whilst going through some incredible experiences and encountering fascinating people...
And I can't wait to tell you all about them!

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